5 Things I am Thankful For


1) Zoë.  

I am learning her everyday and although she is fifty percent me, and fifty percent him, she is one hundred percent her own person.  She beats to her own drum and I love that.  I love her expressions, her ability to make herself known and her unique voice.  

2) Mom.

The ease in which I have been able to become 'mama' in front of my own mom.  It was that first moment when she walked into the hospital room and saw us together.  New mama and babe.   "How are you?"  Those first three words although so simple in the midst of her 'New Grandmother' role, created space and room for us to grow as Mother and Daughter with Daughter.   

3) Nature.

We prayed for nature at our new home.  We craved it.  I, especially, felt the call to the ocean.  I did not know why, or how it would be possible but the ocean was in my heart.  Now, moved and still in the midst of renos and settling, we are blessed with the atmosphere around us.  Daily hour long walks along the ocean have given my spirit a whole new resting place.

4) Inspiration.

The muse comes and goes.  All creatives know this struggle.  How to wait and be patient before the next project alights on us.  I continue to dabble and work on the side projects that keep me alive but have 'heard' my next long term project and it changes me.  It gives this new stage a purpose beyond the present.  I am inspired.

5) Jeremy.  

The past few months of our lives as a couple have been some of the toughest to date.  A marriage that works is one that takes communication, sacrifice, forgiveness and overflowing grace.  We have been passing the grace cup between us for months now.  Urging this season forward and putting boundaries down where we have needed.  What may look like us being overly private and especially quiet has been months of hard and solid work to keep our marriage and little family alive.  Never underestimate the time it takes to feed into a real life.  Jeremy is a man who dedicates not just his physical presence into our marriage but his emotional presence.  I am so thankful for our growth, discovery and journey together. 

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