January 2014 'Goal Setting'

Goal: An open invitation to all Creative and Innovative Women. An open space for artists to share, be inspired and have a safe place to be surrounded by like minds.

We started out with this goal last January and now this year we are taking that goal into a new form. A form of intentionally 'led' discussions and more structure to give a better space and time for the more unstructured tangents that creatives can fall into.

©2014 Nicole Payzant

©2014 Nicole Payzant

The Rabbit Hole of Wonderland is often how I describe these tangents to myself. They are everything we should want to fall into as artists, to capture the magic of thought, discussion, ideas and projects. The question of Rabbit Holes, is how to take the time before the fall, to enhance the wonderland experience by allowing intentional discussion?

We opened up the night with a question. "What gets you off the couch/inspires you to create?"

©2014 Nicole Payzant

The answers we found were varied and many:

  • Group projects, collaboration inspires: Sharing what is learned. 
  • Words of Inspiration 
  • Music, mood music
  • Coffee! Talking with people about ideas, helping me develop them.
  • Being around passionate people.
  • Relating to people
  • Changing it up: Challenging self in different styles/ventures
  • Meanings not yet quantified, the journey to understand the not understood. 
©2014 Nicole Payzant

©2014 Nicole Payzant

Creative and Innovative women/people and even those who haven't identified themselves as such yet, all have dreams, goals and visions. Those things may be identified and at other times may be somewhere inside yet still unknown.

Setting aside the time to work on one of those few things can be the ultimate gift for your inner-self. Even if you don't have a vision yet, taking that time, to write, paint, doodle, list, bake, sing, etc more routinely is an excellent way to spark the energy of the goal. 

We ended with a challenge. The challenge to dig deeper into dreams and visions and write them down. Putting words to your own goal or project, 'Titling' as I called it in an earlier article is exactly what will kickstart creatives and innovators to working and producing.

We delved into sharing and had a wonderful time of honest reflection on each woman's work. Some of us are studying, others are grappling with the inner-creative, and others are coming upon projects that need to be named and focused in on.

What I have learned from this month, is that no one can predict what will happen when you get creative women in a room and start discussing and asking. Falling down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland is inevitable. My challenge and question now for this group, will be how to direct these evenings in a way that makes the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland a productive journey for all those in the room.

Setting up a flexible structure that every woman will feel safe, challenged, supported and uplifted.

©2014 Nicole Payzant

©2014 Nicole Payzant

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