LIFESTYLE | Lovers Still


No longer teenagers spending a Friday night together, we are adults with careers, a child, two families, a loft condo and all the complexities that those life changes bring. 

We are each others everyday rhythms.  Weaving in and out of lists, expectations and events.  
How do we find each other within the calendar outside of the dailys?

We aim for twice a month.  A bi -weekly affair.  Sometimes its simple, sometimes its extravagant.  

This Spring some of our dates have been:

- Going to the cinema to see Wonder Woman
- Driving to Mahone Bay and walking along Queensland Beach
- An impromptu Lunch at Finbars for Burgers and Beer
- A Breakfast at Portland Street Creperie  

At home, we squeeze in little moments daily.  Nightly showers together before bed.  A TV show we are enjoying together, making dinner with wine and music on... anything to set the ambience and mood for passion and desire to linger with us as we do 'the normal'.

For us, its not about anything out of the ordinary, but those moments that tie us together closer.