A few weeks ago, I was told to add a question on the end of an article.  To spark dialogue, interest and thoughts.  

©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

I watched the question stay unanswered.  A scary thing for a writer. 

Creators, artists, writers...any one who puts their work out in the open is ultimately asking a question and then...they wait.  Wait for a response and wait for validation.

Validation.  What is it?

We like to think the response to our question is the ultimate validation, but lets be honest.... if someone responds we feel validated for a moment, maybe long enough to be a day or a week...or even a month...but that wears off, and what stands is the question we asked in the first place. For it to be answered again, again and again.

Someone asked me

"When will you be done with that 'topic'?  

And the question I pose through my work resounds again and again in my beating heart as I reply

"Until I am done asking it."

And that is the ultimate goal.  To never back down on asking the things that make others cringe, that some would shush and ask not to speak of.  The questions of the raw and honest are often the questions of the masses.

So ask.


And again,

And again,



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