Good Morning Monday 10/31/16


10:02am | Tea brewed | Toddler playing with play dough

When you are a mama, you must multi-task to a certain degree.  It's just a way of life.  Some adapt to it well, others struggle more.  Either way, we all do this thing called life.

I love the process of embracing my unique life.  Of course, there are circumstances that have arisen, choices I have made that have carved this life into being in more complex ways.  It is the unique carving that has made us whole.

So I guess it being October thirty-first,  Halloween, that makes this resonate.

Every pumpkin is carved different.  By it's designer, it's maker.

This Week:

MIND: Take the opportunities to practice and create.
BODY: Maintain balance in meals
SOUL: Find heavenly enjoyment in the quiet moments of the day.