Good Morning Monday | 11/14/16


10:24am | Toddler with play dough

Wake up.  Smoothie.  Yoga.  Podcast.  Get dressed.  Lipstick.  Gather hair, & twist into bun.

It's Monday Bunday & The New Year itch.  

That space between Thanksgiving and Christmas where events happen and yet truly, the main thought is 

"It's time to make new again.  Time to find my wings in the back of this years closet and put them on again."

Or maybe it's that idea that what is new is better than what is old?

Either way, new with purpose gives way to something undiscovered.

It's time to put hair in a bun and let the dreams come alive.

This Week:

MIND: Begin decluttering not just physical but also mental space for the new year,

BODY : Enjoy the various dance events this week & let loose.

SOUL: Take note of what feeds the spirit.