Good Morning Monday 11/7/16


12:45pm | Toddler cozy on couch, blanket overtop

Started the week off with a bang.  An impromptu date Sunday Night and a visit out with a longtime family friend Monday morning.  We are home now.  Almost nap/rest time.

Seasons.  We are always in one type of season or another.  Busy, quiet, surrounded or lonely.  The point of seasons is to learn, grow, gain and deepen in life.  

Let life be as quiet or as surrounded as it needs to be.

I am enjoying more cups with others.  A season of seeking relationships.  Seeking the right people.  

Enjoy your cups with those who deepen you in places of grace, love and inspiration.

This Week

MIND:  Enjoy Christmas songs in piano practice.

BODY: Enjoy Autumn walks as a family.

SOUL:  Enjoy friendships