Jot Notes | February '16


To summarize the highlights of this month in the least amount of words.

1. Got slammed by Disney Pixars 'Inside Out'.

2. Spoiled and kept warm by these Valentines Socks.

3. Gave him / us glasses to 'cheers' with.  (We do it with everything.)

4. It's "The End of the Day" all day .... cause Les Miserables rehearsals.  

5.  Was sent the free replacement for my broken water bottle (Only broke because baby girl tipped it off the counter with cap off onto tile floor.  Glass lip contacted first....smashed.)

6. Falling in love with boyfriend jeans.

7.  Had a rise in temperature to the fog, mist and mildness of east coast spring.

8. Had Shrove Tuesday with Family.

9. Found the podcast Serial ... now I know what all the fuss is about. ADDICT! 

10.  Read Permission & Persistence from Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic book.  It's getting real. 


What are your jot notes from February ? 

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