5 Wellness Hacks | for the mamas


I didn't write a play about new motherhood and yoga for kicks and giggles.  I wrote it because  I want to see new mamas well, happy and thriving.

1. Mama comes first.

In order to be the 'mama' you deeply desire to be, you have to feed yourself first.  Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc. etc.  Fill your cup so that it can overflow first  to your child/children & then the others.  (If you have a spouse/partner, may your full cup overflow first, to create a healthy partnership, and then, into your child/children).

2. Hydrate with H2O & fill your plate with whole foods.

Give your body what it craves past the empty calories.  Bread looks great, but it doesn't give you full nutrient calories that will supply you with what you need to be strong, happy and healthy.  And water?  Water can only help your system.  What you give your body, it gives back.  

3. Unplug & write it out.

Take a break from the outside world.  Turn the phone etc. off and get real with who you deeply are.  It is easier to prioritize when there is silence.  Be it in the middle of the night, or stepping out to sit at a park and reflect.  Take that time.  No one but you will give it to you without strings attached.

4. Walk walk walk.  

When in doubt, walk.  Baby is fussy? Stroller & walk.  It's raining? Raincoats & walk.  Feeling anxious?  Walk.  Walking is your body's way of meditation, releasing stress, hormones and of course, nothing is better than a breath of fresh air.  Walk even when it feels like a chore.  No one ever feels fully tired from a walk.  It's a natural energy booster & is a great way to get out of the house.

5. Only wear clothes you love. 

Mamas havn't lost their womanhood.  So dress in however makes you feel like the most of you.  Get rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't feel thrilling to wear. (Donate clothing that is still in good condition.)  Curate your wardrobe to say exactly what you want to say to yourself.  For me?  "I am   alluring, I am a writer, I am athletic, I am relaxed, I am sophisticated, I am well-read."  For you?  You decide. 

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