Spotlight | Connie Snider


Connie Snider | Swing Dancer addict, Blues Dance Lover

I met Connie during my first year of swing dance lessons in 2011/2012, she continues to inspire with her enthusiasm and outlook on life.  

1)  How would you describe yourself? 

I was once described as "plugged in" now this is how I see myself! 'Plugged into life!'

2) When did you start dancing and what made you stick with it?

I started dancing after being out to an event where DSDS (Dalhousie Swing Dance Society) showed up, after seeing those dancers on the floor and seeing the joy it brought to their faces I HAD to learn it! That was 5 years ago.

3)  What are the types of dancing you do and why do you enjoy those styles?

I do several dance styles but my love of blues dancing prevails all others right now, I think it is the music for this style that I love and the connection with my partners. I love Lindy Hop as well and do a lot of Jive with older partners.

4) I have a clear memory of first meeting you at a dance class and enjoying your enthusiasm for it.  How do you maintain that enthusiasm?

Maintaining enthusiasm is so easy for me as I LOVE to dance and share the love of it!  I stated above about taking time to nourish other things, it also helps me to maintain my enthusiasm for sure. If I am away from dance for even a week or more when I step back on the dance floor I can say to myself ahhhh this is why I love it!

5) You are a major advocate for the social dance communities in Halifax and have held leadership roles with the Dalhousie Swing Dance Society.  How has being involved grown your appreciation for dance?

I think my appreciation has grown mainly due to the fact I see the power dance has...the power to bring such joy to people that may need joy in their lives. From students struggling to make financial ends meet or dealing with studies and being away from home, to adults that have not been socially accepted into groups in the past. I have had more than one person tell me dance has saved their lives, I am not kidding. We sometimes forget the power it has.

6) The dancing scene continues to evolve and change each year.  What is it like right now?

Right now the dance scene in Halifax is exploding, we can dance different styles as many nights a week as we choose. I have seen this in other cities and when talking with the organizers there have been told to be careful of burnout. We all know there is only so much money to go around and life and other things effect how much we get to dance.  Time to nourish other things in life is important too, lets not forget that. Also important is to remember we are all dancers, be kind to each other and be respectful.

7) What are you learning/working on right now?

Right now I am working on selling my house and looking for my next home. A little secret (I am also planning on trying a bit of Salsa!! shhhh) 

8) Do you have any morning/night routines that centre you?

I do not really have routines that center me other than speaking with my amazing daughter daily, my morning coffee (a must), making time to read a really good book...the kind that you have to turn the pages. I am never far from one.  My daily strength training is also a must.

9)  At the end of the day, what drives you?

At the end of the day it is the feeling it gives me that drives me. It keeps me fit and happy!

10) If you were to pass on any advice/knowledge/wisdom to other dancers/creatives, what would you want to say?

Wisdom...hummm not sure I am qualified to voice an opinion here  but first and foremost my advise is to welcome and dance with new dancers. I have had so many dancers tell me that having me dance with them in the beginning or on the first few nights, and make them feel welcome has given them the courage to come back. So, seasoned dancers you just do not know how you can be effecting someones dance future by doing this. It is so easy to just dance with those you are comfortable with or love to dance with...but remember the amazing dancers we have had in our group, they all started as a new dancer trying it for the first time. Just set aside two dances each night...invite a newbie on the floor! 


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