UPDATE | One Step at a Time


One thing I have constantly followed and believed in life, is that each step takes care of itself.

It's that realizing that God has my deepest dreams and visions in the palm of His hands and that I am called to dream deep, stay open to the depth I need to access and trust that as I journey through life the steps will become clear as I explore.

A week from today I will be experiencing the first reading of my first pilot episode for television.  Still early stages and this feels important.  It will be the first of the script coming alive and although I know that this project has many hurdles, steps and metamorphosis to take before it finds it's place in this world, this is a step that will teach me and mold me.

No matter what life this project has, it does not determine the calling.  I trust that the life of this project will breathe and pass on when it's time has come.  

I trust that this next step will be another step in the long journey to come.

I am so thankful to have a writing and creative partner in Kirstin Howell and I am thankful that taking that leap of faith to apply for training from WIFT-AT has brought me where I am today. 

One step at a time.