Self Care: Bath Time

Self Care: Bath Time

Self-care isn't just for the single young twenty somethings who are still in university with student loans to coast on.  Self-care isn't just for the yogis and the wellness coaches.  Self care is for the every person.

The every you and me.

Self care is a bit of honesty.

For me?

Right now, it's lighting a candle in the shower/bath.  A simple reminder that my quiet time is worth a bit of ceremonial due diligence.   It's reminding myself that my dreams matter, I have worthiness to share and that feeling responsible for everyones happiness does not mean that I truly am.

In truth, I doubt my dreams validity, I feel unworthy on what I have to share and feel utterly responsible that those in my life are happy with me and how I do my life.

But Grace.

When we allow some Grace into our lives, it's like that candle I light.  It's quiet, small and peaceful.  Its the peace I am missing when I am busy trying to solve my problems as if I could truly fix it.  Peace can't come while you toss and turn.  Peace comes when you forgive yourself of what you believed you could control and let yourself off the hook.  Peace comes when you start to understand that your worthiness doesn't come from anyone or anything, but from the very being you were made to be.  You are a delight as you are wholly and completely you.  With every flaw and beauty mark.  You were made to be complex and intricate and when we allow ourselves to be as complicated, messy and as whole as we are, there is the Grace that we often forget.  We forgot it one day in our insecurities and our doubts , but it's always been there.  Waiting for us to allow it in again.  And when we do?


Light candles, play a song, nap under a luxurious blanket, indulge in a heavenly moment.