LIFESTYLE | Winter Activities


Having not yet read on everything "Hygge" yet, knowing if I did, I would not stop.  I have captured five ways I have been using the quiet moments of Winter.

These are:  

1. Reviewing unfinished or old piano pieces along with the new to maintain skill and enjoyment.  
Having a baby stopped me from using my instrument fully for over a year.  Getting back into it with new goals and reasons is bringing joy.
What is a skill that you've let slide or could renew?


2. Skate / Winter walks.  
Being outdoors for a walk or skate refreshes me even on the bitter days.  The concept that it is 'too cold' to enjoy moving outdoors is so often, not true.
What is a time of day or activity you could enjoy outside?


3. Bullet Journaling.  
Spending the Winter weeks getting used to a full on bullet journal and all it can offer me, not only feeds my 'plan-happy-soul', but gives me a creative outlet that I enjoy.
What is an activity that would boost productivity but also be a source of enjoyment?


4. Reading.  
Taking the time to read a stack of books not only is rewarding and stimulating for the brain but it is absolutely fun to take the time to choose a group of titles and get to say you read them and share with others how you felt about each of them.  More table talk options.
What are a few titles that would be great to take off of your check list?  Or better yet, wheres your nearest library?  Peruse there.

5.  Podcasts.  
I am burning through my podcast list these days.  Maybe it is all the time indoors or having them on while I work to motivate me through maundane tasks, but I love them.  Right now I am fascinated with : "Missing Richard Simmons" , "The Goal Digger Podcast" , "Someone Knows Something" and "The Minimalists",  just to name a few.
Scroll through the topics on iTunes or other podcast platforms and you are bound to find something in your interests.

Other activities keeping me all 'winter-slap-happy' : renewing my hygiene routine, baths, finding new TV Shows, dreaming on pinterest, curating my Instagram, meal planning for the week and Using Oh She Glows cookbooks.

Relax, Renew, and Refine this Winter.

Spring is only a month away.