Winter 2014.  A typical after party morning.

Winter 2014.  A typical after party morning.

Over four years ago I was going through a transformation.  Personally and professionally.  I believe it was a defining season of time for me.  It was a time in my life I was at a crossroads of who I wanted to truly become.  I could go in many directions and I knew that whatever I did choose, would be a choice that defined me not just at that moment, but for the future.

During that time I bonded with what I assume will be those life lasting friends that you know in every stage of life.  None of these specific friends were new to me at the time, but the journey I was traveling was a defining moment for the continuation of these friendships.

One of these precious friends sent me a song one night that she had been listening to.

She said: "This is for you.  This is how all of us feel for you and what we are doing with you."  I will never forget it.  

The song?  Rally by Allie Moss <--- Click to listen.

I hold that time of my life close because it did define me and my values.  It shaped me into the woman I am today and I am blessed and honoured by those who stood with me while I sifted through the confusion, the heart break and the pain.  

This week I have been faced with a few reminders of what it means to 'rally'.  I have been reminded of what it means to take action and rally around others.  Whether it is at a distance of someone or some cause, or close with someone or something.  

We are called to rally behind those we love, the causes that break us open and we are called to honour that which moves us.  To stay aware of the pain of others and to stay grounded in what we can truly give.  And when you give, give open, wide and free.  Give endless grace and endless love.


"Comedy or tragedy, we'll write this one together.  I'll be there for you....We'll rally, rally, around you." - Allie Moss