This Spring the Mom Show is rolling out it's mat to collaborate with Lindsay Umlah to provide "The Mom Show & Yoga Flow".  We're excited to see how this 30 minute comedic show along with a 45 Minute flow will empower, enrich and bring light to mamas, women and anyone wanting to support them.  


'Amy will be performing The Mom Show or The Most Boring Show Ever, her empowering and comedic take and journey through new motherhood from prenatal to postpartum. Using yoga as a platform, along with comedic honesty, Amy performs the journey of a woman becoming mother in todays society and aims to empower by delving into self care, self worth and what it means to see oneself as whole and worthy. The Mom Show isn't just for moms. It's for anyone wanting to take back their worth and have a laugh while doing it. 

Lindsay will follow up Amy’s performance with an enriching and inspiring yoga flow helping you deeply connect to the message of empowerment and worth strung throughout Amy’s performance. We’ll flow, laugh, and reconnect to our power by moving our bodies with breath. All bodies and levels are welcome, as this is an opportunity to dive in, explore and reconnect to your power and strength by showing up with curiosity and openness. 

This workshop is perfect whether you’re a new mom, expecting mama, or someone who enjoys a good laugh and an opportunity to be empowered and inspired by the fierceness that is woman. You can rest assured that whatever stage of life you’re in, if you show up, you will leave feeling empowered, inspired and a little more connected to your fierce and fabulous self.

We look forward to seeing you on your mat.'