Rainbow Haven Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rainbow Haven Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Ocean is an Anchor.  

I believe, that it is a place that we can be reminded of our purpose.  Some people say it makes them feel small, but for me, it has always made me feel important.  

That something so grand and so encompassing on the earth comes to lap up on the shores of my life.  That it's whole entirety reflects and interacts with the sky.  

It's a mirror to the heavens.  

Being a coaster by birth means the ocean is in my veins and I understand that for some, it's the mountains, woods, prairies or desert.  Every element that was made is for us to delight in, to see the glory in, and the absolute child-like wonder in.

So Go There
Whatever element in nature speaks to your spirit, I would reach into that.  I would go there and rest in it and find what was made for you there.  So often, we forget that outside our busy lives is the movement of earth.  The inhale and exhale of the heavens touching down to meet us.  

I come to the ocean not just because I live by it, but because I believe Deep calls to the deep, and that the Grace I seek is embodied in the action of the ocean.  

So I dance, run, play, weep and commune here and spend as much time as I can near the waves of Grace.