east coast.byamygrace

Two questions that will bring clarity to everyday and overall life.  
What are my individual values?  What are our collective values?


For individual life, partnership, family, work, team, projects, the importance is the same.

Knowing them, declaring them and keeping them at the forefront of ones mind as one makes decisions will be not only empowering, but keep the focus on what truly matters.

I enjoy the simplicity of summing up values in three points:


For Myself Individually:


- To have a balanced variety in life.
- To nourish my mind, body and soul.
- To be surrounded by what brings out the best in me.  (empowering women, ocean air, simple living, space to write.)


For Us Collectively:


- To be active in our lifestyle at home and outdoors. (cooking, creating, exploring, community eventing)
- To intentionally interact with books, music, and other story telling methods.
- To create a creative and enjoyable home atmosphere.


Coming back to these points again and again remind me how to keep it simple, honest, joy-filled and fulfilling of where I/We are supposed to be.