UPDATE | Honour



I wanted to re-share this because I have found it come back to me again and again.  As creators, as women, as humans, we need to honour each other.  It isn't always easy, but the truth is, that is what gets us places.  When we stop trying to tell each other what 'we think', and we listen.  Truly listen.  Wait for the other to ask for advice, thoughts, feedback before filling it in and listen to what they are saying. Truly listen.  Not just their words, but their voice, their body langauge, their eyes.  

"My first professional career taught me to be critical. To give feedback and put the integrity of the message before myself. At first glance, great. In real time, there was no honour of the person behind the work. No true belief that a person was putting forth the best of them self. 
As a writer & as a performer it always amazes me how seeking out feedback, critique and growth from peers and mentors grows the work in major bounds by the mere honouring of each other. 
When we posture ourselves to believe the best and to honour the spirit in front of us, we give opportunity for real growth. Not just in the work, but in the soul. 
I have learned more in what it means to be humble and honouring in the past 4 years pursuing my craft as a writer/performer than as a graduate working in a "professional" career. .
I still have so much to learn, and I hope to be as honouring and real as the peers/mentors I have found along the way. "