UPDATE | Whatever Your Goals


A conversation with another woman writer put it all out on the table.  A woman who weaves words and intellect with ease and precision.  A woman who crafts excellence in her speech in a way I am left in awe.

How goals, inspiration and lifestyle are intertwined as one.

With the Seasons

We have rythms and flows to our years, our internal sense of self and the atmosphere around us.  Setting goals/aspirations that match these rhythms will not only empower us to embrace the now, but to belong in tempo with the life around us.

For me: Once a week family skates, balanced meals in the duration of the week

With the Growth

We often , upon reflection can sense how we have grown and where we want to grow next.  To take pause and reflect gives us time to identify these things and to grow is a beautiful thing.  Although painful and at times difficult, our growth allows us to embrace a journey that ultimately delivers peace and joy.  We were made to grow every day more into who we were made to be.

For me: To attend more workshop opportunities and industry events, to keep a prayer journal

With the Inspirations

Individualistic tendances to be moved by different elements.  What inspires one, may not inspire another.  To be moved by something is a good indication that one is aching to discover more of what that element is.  Enjoy the discovery!

For me: To explore morning and evening rituals, continue curating and creating a balanced diet with various meals and dining experiences.

Our inidivual ways in which we find ourselves within our growth continues the ability to evolve and become whole. 

I love this because it is as unique to me as it is unique to you.  

Find what works for you and embrace your growth.