LIFESTYLE | Winter Films


Films & Television best watched in Winter from my collection:


This series ranks one of my all time favourites.  Coming from what I consider a larger family in todays North American Culture I found myself identifying with the insanity and coinciding love that occurs within family dynamics.  It's realistic, sentimental and perfect to cozy up to on a cold day.


There are many versions of Annie the musical now, but for me it will always be this.  Victor Garber as Daddy Warbucks to me is the best representation out there.  This is where my love for acting arrived.  Seeing this as a kid made me feel like I could learn to act and sing someday.  (spoiler alert:  I did! ;) 

Little Women

Is there any question?  So many women I know watch this around Christmas time.  It encapsulates that beautiful girl hood festive feeling , yet still carrying a strong feminist message.  I love everything Marmie is in Susan Sarandon and of course, Wynona is a perfect Jo March. 

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

The snow.  Just watching this beautiful magical story will be reason enough to watch this during the winter season.

The Phantom of the Opera

It's eerie, it's mysterious and beautifully played by Patrick Wilson, Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.  It is beautifully captured in film! I spent endless months of my life singing to this soundtrack, which is currently making a comeback in my playlists.


Other films & tv not from my personal hard copy collection:

The Lord of the Rings - For the Sega.
A Little Princess - For the tears and beautiful message.
Frozen - For the modern animation lover who just has to 'Let it Go'
Ice Age - For those wishing to laugh at an animated sloth
The Crown - For the history and the cinematic vibes.
The Americans - For everyone wishing they were undercover just like this family.
Home Alone - For the classic Christmas lover.

Theres too many to list...