LIFESTYLE | Winter 2018 Playlist


Being a 90's kid, I grew up with that mixed tape concept.  

I also grew up in a pentecostal church.  My exposure to music started from day one and although it was predominantly praise and worship music, music of all kinds became my love language and how I still connect with that secret place in my spirit.

Unbeknownst to my parents (at least I think they were unaware?) I spent endless amounts of time making my own mixed tapes from the radio.  Country, rock, pop, classical.  I borrowed CD's from the library tasting everything from Enya, Billie Halliday, Avril Lavigne, Soundtracks from The Princess Diaries to Titanic, broadway musicals....  I had a thing for Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Doris Day, Duffy, Solitudes series, Lifehouse and Disney...

As I live my life, there will always be a mixed tape/playlist to go along with the season.

Here is my latest.  

Winter 2018 Playlist