WORK | Words by Amy Grace


I am so nervous and yet excited to share with you one of my latest brewing projects...

The Words Project.

I have so often declared myself as the girl / woman with words falling out of her back pockets and this has remained true throughout my life.

Quotes are my thing, words are my thing, finding any way to describe and sum up my heart are my thing...

It's all my thing.

This project is a long time coming for me.

The concept came to me over three years ago and yet it has been one of those concepts I have avoided because it felt too real and true to me.  

How can I do this when it is the essence of who I am?

So I started slowly.  Using instagram as a way to explore the concept and yet with no commitment.  I found that no matter the likes or the comments I LOVED finding words to sum up my feelings over something and I LOVED finding ways in which to design the simple 'Amy' hand writing lay out of it all.

Without further ado 

The project page is live and stay tuned for the journey!