LIFESTYLE | Over a Decade Together


This month it is our eleven year anniversary of being together and seven year anniversary of marriage.  

Over a decade together has changed us, 


We often half laugh and half cringe at how much we have changed over the years.  He is handsomer, more manly, more in tune and sensitive.  I am in his words: 'sexier, more driven, more confident and gutsy.'

We have traveled some dark roads together and we have also seen first hand what it means to start again.  

I love that about us.  We didn't have the easiest start to our life together as a married duo but we were young enough that as we did the hard work on ourselves we learned how to be stronger and better together. 

What I hope this next decade to be, is our celebration of this life we have re chosen again and again while finding ourselves in those simple moments as we grow and re-grow in new and deeper ways.