WORK | Redefining 'Productivity' in Creative Work


Pursuing and being in creative work is a double edged sword.

On one side, it’s amazing and highly rewarding. Ideas can come and flow and connect with others and the on the other side, it’s fraught with pressure, uncertainty, and a pacing that is quick and slow without warning.

It can feel as if you are treading water and trying to make the next thing happen without any clarity on why or how or when.

& we start getting caught up in the word ‘hustle’ as if it is something to be proud of to have too many irons in the fire and the more you can show for yourself despite how ragged and tired you are beneath the surface the more you are celebrated.

The hustle I want to be defined by,

is the hustle I have that creates a healthy home for my family, a healthy life for my body and an inspiring and well rounded work life.

What if being productive meant bringing your whole self to each part of your life with out exhaustion or comparison? What if our CV wasn’t the point of proof, but how we walked our fulll and whole lives?

Over this year I have been working on finding a new way of being in my personal and professional life that produces more quality with less stress. The theme I have found is that ‘more’ so often doesn’t produce ‘more’ in return.

‘More’ is often the distraction from the ‘less’ that you need to focus on.

It’s hard to remember to do.

But onward I go…