LIFESTYLE | Autumn Atmosphere for Wellness


2019 has been seasons full of upheaval in our home.

Coming towards the end of the year we are finally starting to see normalcy again. It’s delightful.

That being said, it’s impossible to go from ‘high stakes stress’ to ‘calm and zen like’ overnight.

I have been learning what it means to embrace that my body may not have registered yet that the stress is ‘over’.

Using what I have, I am embracing Autumns little extravagances to welcome peace back my into home, spirit and body.


An autumn scented candle triggers pleasant and warm thoughts.


Nothing is more comforting than a warm and cozy blanket that is big enough to cover ones whole self.

Warm Drinks

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate slides down so much more enjoyably when the autumn chill sets in.


Taking the time to read a chapter or two of an interesting read welcomes in pleasure for pleasures sake and has a way of giving the brain something else to ponder during the in-betweens of a day.

it’s just a start, but finding the simplicity in the season before me to encourage peace is a practice that is necessary for me to hone for the sake of my health and all that I am called to be doing.