LIFESTYLE | February 2019 Reads


I Found You | Lisa Jewel

This novel, although it didn’t wow me, was an enjoyable rapid read. This would be the perfect book for a summer read, be it at the beach, on a road trip or just on one of those summer rainy days. It’s story arc keeps you flipping the pages guessing and it does twist and turn in a way that isn’t fully predictable.

The Gifts of Imperfection | Brené Brown

This book and it’s content has been one that our little family has found some solace in over the past few seasons. Brené has a way with words that marry’s logic with the emotions. Her words pack a good punch in truth and empowerment.

A Woman of No Importance | Oscar Wilde

Not the first time I borrowed this collection of plays from the library but this time for this particular play which speaks to the lack of respect for and about women & their own unique autonomy.  Oscar Wilde always brings to light deep matters in a light hearted way.  Tongue in cheek style. .

Televisions Series Currently on the Go of Note:

Grace & Frankie S04 - plodding along & enjoying the quippy humour that brings out the realities of ageism & being an older woman.

Bull S03 - I believe this show is vastly underrated. It’s ability to deal with a case and a story line in one episode while also creating characters you want to come back to every week is a very unique & beautiful thing.