First Birthday | A Summary


She turned One.  

One year of learning this vibrant intensely expressive little girl.  One year of being made new as a family.  One year of firsts under her wings.  One year of discovery and adventures.  One year of building relationships with herself, others and the world around her.  One year made better because her life has shot into our orbit and made us spin for days.  

One is not the loneliest number.  One is a notch in a timeline, a success, a chapter and a memory to keep.  One is special, precious and utterable kissable.

One is ready to toddle and waddle.  One is ready to clap and curl up in laps.  One is ready to explore and eat more.  One is ready to play loud and stand proud.

One is wee and still needing to be guarded.  One is impressionable and learning how to handle.  One is sensitive and figuring out boundaries.  One is a bear cub ready to play yet quick to run away.  One is a little bunny hopping and skipping yet fast to jitters.  One is a puppy dog all wild and spry yet ready to snuggle in tender arms.  

One is here, just for this year.