Over the past month I made the whimsical decision to try to capture my words on Instagram with these little square note papers I have in my desk.  In truth, I don't have many left and maybe that is what makes them precious.  Over the past six years I have been using them around the house to write down words I have heard or read that motivate, inspire, empower and are insightful to me.

These squares are different.  These are my own words.  Maybe it was the fact that one of my dearest suggested I should start capturing my words in this way, or maybe it was that not many of these white squares are left.  Either way... it's turned into a project of sorts and I am proud of it.
Each square has a reason for being written and they insight joy and light in me.

WORDS on WHITE has evolved and continues to evolve and I wanted to share it with you this week.

What will the next square be?