WORK | Discussions with Ruth on Optimistically Depressed Podcast


Recently I sat down with Ruth McMullen on her Podcast Series ‘Optimistically Depressed’ where she creates space for ‘shame free’ discussions on mental health, life and the personal journeys of each guest she talks with.

Ruth has an incredible rooted presence and peace that surrounds her. It is a healing thing to have the opportunity to sit with her and share in the openness that can happen when a room feels safe.

In this episode: Amy Lai on Healthy Anxiety and Taking Responsibility | Ep 48.

I share with Ruth my own personal discovery and understandings through the years of how anxiety manifests itself in me and how I have learned and am still learning to deal with it.

We also end up unraveling the ways in which learning who you are, where you have come from, how you can honour your own humanity and overall wellness can be an empowering and beautiful thing.

Overall, I realize that any of these opportunities to sit and share, are not just opportunities for the listener to hear a new episode, but for the person sitting across from Ruth, they are also opportunities to learn, heal and feel cherished just a little bit more than before.