SPOTLIGHT | Ruth McMullen

Ruth McMullen

Founder, Podcast Host of Optimistically Depressed & Team Member of The Halifax Social Network team

Ruth can be found making impactful sound waves on her podcast ‘Optimistically Depressed’, working with the Halifax Social Network team to create community, while also being present for those she loves and cares about.

Ruth is deeply passionate about creating space for and bringing the internal journey into the light so we can all feel a little less alone.

She also happens to have a way of speaking directly into your soul that makes you feel heard, understood and cherished.




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LIFESTYLE | Little Shore Loft TLC

Major life update:

The weeks leading up to Spring we realized what we thought was a minor carpet beetle issue in our house (no carpet involved, it’s merely their name) had become a big one. This is very common in the area we live as we are close to water and in an older building, but it has caused us to need to make some quick decisions.

In its lifetime our little loft condo has had very minor inner renovations (we have done some extensive work on updating the outside structure) done to it and through all of this extensive cleaning we have realized it is time to give our home a lot of well needed TLC.

This means:

Replacing the dishwasher (was there from past owner)

Replacing the hot water tank (from past owner & it’s at it’s expiration date soon)

Gutting & renovating the kitchen (the biggest home Reno we’ve ever done!!!!)

This is huge for us but the timing is apparent and clear. We love our home and although we would have wanted to wait on renovating the kitchen a few more years, we are realizing it is a necessity and we are up for the challenge.

As we have been journeying the many decisions we have had some incredible confirmation and insightful people come alongside us. We are reminded daily that even when life is not what we expect, there is more to this life than just our own versions of what we think should be happening. When we release our plans, there is a Grace that steps in and gives room for what can be and shows us a deeper place to be.

*I quietly document our little home from time to time here @littleshoreloft

WORK | Everything is Progress

As work and projects have shifted,

it became very clear that I needed new business cards.

Here is what blew me away about looking at past cards I have had for byamygrace until now:

Every year I become more and more who I am supposed to be.
Every year is a refinement and these little cards are a testament to the journey.

Looking at this business card I feel truly connected to what I am presenting more so than ever before.
That is me and it clearly states what I am about.

It is hard in the moment of the slog of ones own work and creative pursuits to see the story that is being woven together with every action, every day, season and year… but when you pan back and see the progression over years, you begin to see that you have been growing, changing and becoming.

It has led me to the realization that every little thing is progress and there is room for just a bit more growth in every small and simple thing we do.

*“Baby steps and short breaths. Anything is progress. You sustain my every moment.” - Steffany Gretzinger

LIFESTYLE | Spring 2019 Playlist


that’s no secret.

although I have struggled to organize the amount of music I have accumulated over the years. Scads of old favourites, groupings of new ones. Some come out through my childhood and others have been found in my adult years.

Starting to gather it all for a quarterly playlist to put on my iPhone to be one the go with me has begun to grow on me and work for me.

I have also begun mirroring that playlist on Spotify so I can use the ‘songs like these’ feature to explore more music in that mood I have curated.

A few notables:

She’s Always A Woman - Josh Groban : turning 30 with a stronger sense of my womanhood.

Songbird - Eva Cassidy : Walking in faith and singing over those I love.

Extravagant - Amanda Cook & Steffany Gtretzinger : Heading into Easter with an open heart in faith.

Find the full playlist here:

On Spotify

WORK | Brilliansea Documentary
Photo taken by:  Carter Hutton

Photo taken by: Carter Hutton

This year began

the process of putting together a documentary via Brilliansea with a working title “Young Female Entrepreneur”. This documentary is seeking to showcase various women who have started a unique business concept, who are either young, or ‘young in business’.

While filming these interviews and capturing these women in their work environments, we are also documenting ourselves starting our own media platform and finding out first hand what it means to start something new and unique from the ground up.

Women we have filmed thus far:

Korayne Romanchuk | Owner and Founder of KoKo Mod Flower Shop

Sharlene Loveless | Owner and Founder of The Glo Barre

Kate Pepler | Owner and Founder of The Tare Shop

Our next steps

To pull together what footage we have to create a short that shows a sampling of what we are doing.

Continue seeking out unique women and their businesses to feature in this process.

Continue documenting our journey.

Our goal in it all

To find the brilliance that is unique in each woman we encounter.

LIFESTYLE | Spring 2019

This spring feels more special to me. It could be that I am ending an era by turning thirty in about a month, or it could be that life is doing that Spring thing where it makes you feel that everything is coming up new again. Either way…

You think you know everything & then…

Developing ‘a new way' of doing things to grow in my capacity to handle what I am wanting and needing to take on has had it’s successes and falters. I have found a joy in making better rhythms and routines with social media, chores & various activities. I have also found that there are unplanned and unforeseen life circumstances which can derail any form of ‘efficiency’ and more often than not, will arise the MOMENT, you think you have it all figured out.

As we welcomed Spring we were and still are in the thick of a home maintenance issue. Currently still in limbo with dealing with the issue at hand, this has made me quite unhinged both personally and professionally.

I have been holding onto the idea that these are the life things which want to derail you from what is good and amazing in life.

Take heart , everything in its time…

So this Spring my personal goals are to:

  • Work in spring activities with my family where probable and possible.

  • Seek proper footwear & needed apparel replacements

  • Add variety to breakfasts.

  • Tackle home projects & decisions one week at a time.

  • Continue to follow and add boundaries to tech tools & distractions to be more present (i.e. check emails at a certain time daily etc)

& we are all just working hard to stay present and cultivate the ground we were made to stand on.

*fInd me where the wild things are….

WORK | Winter 2019 Work Reflection

This winter has in many ways gone by so fast.

Looking back, I realize much has happened in these weeks since the Holiday season.

This winter I have finished writing contracts, launched a collaborative platform Brilliansea with Claire Fraser & have begun arranging my necessary work tasks in a way that leaves room for more play and more time for cultivating and curating the work I do.

This winter I have learned that my work will sometimes be seasonal. Busy some months , where other months a bit more wide open.

I have learned that spending more time staring and browsing through social media is not the answer for me.

I have also learned that I thrive with variety and in doing so, need to level up on my administrative tasks so that I am not bouncing around from thing to thing with no direction and yet a lot on my mind. (a.k.a. mental load)

Leaving Winter, I leave satisfied and more than a bit proud at the shifts and changes I have found along with what I have accomplished. There is so much to be thankful for and so much more to explore.

LIFESTYLE | March 2019 Reads

Dragonfly in Amber | Diana Gabaldon

The second book in the Outlander Series, albeit not as riveting as book 1 , but just as engaging and beautifully written as the first.  I think this book serves the necessary purpose of moving the life & plot forward with a touch of French flair. King Louis XIV anyone?

Attachments | Rainbow Rowell

Set in 1999 when office email was in full throttle and being read by someone paid to make sure empoyees were using their time wisely and professionally. I am only in the beginning of this book as I write it, but it’s already giving me nostalgia for that ‘old school’ excitement when you’d get an email from a friend.

Silent Flowers | A Collection of Haiku Poems

Little poems about nature and the varying seasons in a year. This little book re-introduced me to mindfulness and what it means to mull over words.

The Royal Runaway | Lindsay Emory

A light chick novel with a bit of nonsensical diversion. I don’t buy into the story persae but I do love the ease in which I can get into the story and keep flipping pages.

Television Series Currently On the Go of Note:

Outlander S02/S03 : Following along as I read. It is important to be said that in no way can the television series make up for every single scene in these hefty books. One season per 800 some odd page book means they are having to leave a lot on the cutting room floor and add bridges in the plot for the viewers to scale over. If you think they are rushing through the plot at times, it’s because there is SO MUCH of it! It would take years to fully shoot all of these scenes and characters.
Survivor : Edge of Extinction : We are nerds over here. I leave it there.
The Good Doctor : Something in this medical show is palatable and unique. I still can’t put my finger on it.


Yivii Su

Swing Dance Instructor & Urban Planner

Yivii can be currently found dancing and teaching with her partner in Halifax while also dreaming up new ideas and ways of connecting with the community near and far.

Yivii is passionate about enriching the lives of others and creating spaces that allows for easy conversation.  

She also happens to bring a thoughtful and light hearted presence where ever she goes. 




*note from Amy:
Meeting Yivii for the first time was a bit like meeting a long lost friend. She accepts you wholly for who you are and takes part in the joy in life. Yivii lights up a room & I am so honoured to call her friend.

LIFESTYLE | Winter 2019 Favourites

Here are a few of my Winter Favourites…

Outlander & Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

The Outlander series has always been in my periphery. It wasn’t until this Winter that I decided to pick up a copy to see what all the fuss is about. To say I like it would be an understatement. I LOVE IT! I have been swept away in Diana’s beautiful way of weaving history, romance, time travel, science fiction, drama, comedy and so much more. This woman is a master at creating a world that one doesn’t just get swept into, but falls into and never wants to return.

ROOTS Cabin Socks

I have been slyly wearing my husbands Cabin socks for over a year now and figured it was high time I got myself my own set. I LOVE how these are perfect in boots and keep the toes warm and dry.

Homemade Kale Smoothies

Good for whatever ailes you. There is nothing like a Kale Smoothie after indulging in holiday sweets, or just to boost the immune system.

Bedazzled Black Mittens

I may have MAJORLY hinted to my mother that I liked the look of these mittens at Bootlegger before Christmas. The biggest surprise upon receiving them was how warm they actually are. Warmer than any mitten I have ever owned.

Presidents Choice Hot Red Pepper Jelly

We have always liked this jelly on a cracker with harvarti cheese, BUT, for about a month after Christmas finding this Jelly was almost impossible. Finally it is back in stock and we may have gone mad over it….

Essie Bourdeaux Nail Polish

It’s just a great winter red…what more can I say.

QUO Best Dressed nail Polish

Classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.

Peppermint Scented Candle

A gift given from a close friend with a lovely holiday scent that isn’t too strong.

Blue/Grey Blanket

So utterly soft and comfortable. We have been LOVING this blanket the whole season since receiving it at Christmas time from my Aunt and Uncle. We comment about how much we love this blanket at least once a week.

WORK | Women Making Waves Conference 2019
Laughing with my co-creator in Brilliansea & colleague : Claire Fraser

Laughing with my co-creator in Brilliansea & colleague : Claire Fraser

I started going to this conference two years ago upon acceptance into the New Waves Program. At the time I was coming down with a terrible flu-like cold and was down for the count for over a week. Midway through recovery a call came in saying that I was accepted and was receiving free admission to the conference that weekend. I was encouraged to go, so go I went with my herbal tea & big doe eyes wondering what was in store for me there.

This year was no different. I looked around the room and saw many faces I didn’t know or am slowly learning to know & yet also, more faces I now know.

As a writer in the industry, it’s easy to be in your own little world and not notice what is going on around you. This event allows me to meet the people on the other end of emails , phone interviews & conversations being had.

Women Making Waves 2019


Screening: Mouthpeice with Q/A with Director / writer Patricia Rozema

This film was beautiful. Lyrical in movement, raw in presence, provoking in layers and utterly captivating. Be it that I am still a fresh new mama heart with an almost four year old (it still feels new on so many respects), that the relationship depicted between mother & daughter felt so uniquely similar to my own with my mother, or that the main characters age is 30 (which I will soon be), it felt so accurate, so real, and so beautifully captured. I would rewatch this again and again.

Workshop: Observationsal Documentary: Pay Attention. Be Astonished. Tell About it. with Robin McKenna

This workshop was invulable. As Claire and I are working on this doc concept & learning how to interview our subjects to gain that authentic capture, hearing from a professional in the field about different ways to be ‘aware and mindful’ has given us a lot of food for thought on how we approach our projects.

Out of the Box Networking Lunch

This year they gave you two cards (randomized) as you walked in for lunch, each with a colour and a number which told you which table you would sit at for the first half of lunch, and which for the second. This idea was INGENIOUS! It acted as a professional speed dating opportunity in which you got to not only say who you are and what you do, but were able to hear the same things from the faces around your table. I had one of two very deep and inspiring conversations from my time at the conference at one of those tables and I am so glad I was there to have them.

I often feel like an unconventional duck at film and television events, as my way into the industry has been unique and ‘untraditional’, but despite my own ‘imposter complex’, these events continue to be where I find the deepest women, the best professional development opportunities and a community that seeks to create improvements in the world they live in by the stories they tell.

LIFESTYLE | Winter 2019 Preschooler Capsule Wardrobe
Top Centre - Clockwise:  My Daily Calendar  | Gift from Mimi & Yeye,  Cash Register   | IKEA,   White Bear Robe with Stars  | Winners,  White Christmas Pyjamas   | Old Navy,   Blue snow pants   | Joe Fresh,   Purple Winter Coat  | Gift from Neighbours,  Wooden toy camera with lenses  | Gift made by Uncle Tyler,  Gold dress shoes  | Gift from Auntie Heidi,  Socks   | Zara,   Ear Muffs   | Zara,   White Sweater  | Gift from Auntie Heidi,  Green head phones graphic shirt   | Old Navy,   Grey Cat Graphic Shirt   | Carters,   Off white pants   | Zara,   Graphic Winter pants with girl faces   | Carters,   Nordic White Pants   | Carters,   Grey Kitty Sweater  | Gift from Uncle Tyler & Auntie Jasmine,  “FAMILIA” Sweater   | Zara,   Pet Shop & Pets  | 90’s Fisherprce toy from my childhood,  Frog & Toad Storybook Treasury   | Chapters

Top Centre - Clockwise: My Daily Calendar | Gift from Mimi & Yeye, Cash Register | IKEA, White Bear Robe with Stars | Winners, White Christmas Pyjamas | Old Navy, Blue snow pants | Joe Fresh, Purple Winter Coat | Gift from Neighbours, Wooden toy camera with lenses | Gift made by Uncle Tyler, Gold dress shoes | Gift from Auntie Heidi, Socks | Zara, Ear Muffs | Zara, White Sweater | Gift from Auntie Heidi, Green head phones graphic shirt | Old Navy, Grey Cat Graphic Shirt | Carters, Off white pants | Zara, Graphic Winter pants with girl faces | Carters, Nordic White Pants | Carters, Grey Kitty Sweater | Gift from Uncle Tyler & Auntie Jasmine, “FAMILIA” Sweater | Zara, Pet Shop & Pets | 90’s Fisherprce toy from my childhood, Frog & Toad Storybook Treasury | Chapters

New To Her

My Daily Calendar is a perfect learning tool for a pre schooler she has endless fun talking through ‘the days’ changes along with just doing her own thing with the board. We still have yet to hang it up in her room, but that will happen in due time.

Purple Winter Coat was a pass along from our lovely neighbours. Gifted to them for their youngest who clearly didn’t fit this uniquely sized jacket. Although it’s very long in the body and short in the arms, this jacket keeps Zoë bundled for our winter walks and outings together.

Wooden Toy Camera: This has been a precious and meaningful gift.. Handmade by Uncle Tyler in B.C., this camera came with two magnetic de-tachable lenses. It also took us way too long to realize that a small letter ‘Z’ had been stamped into a corner of the camera.

Still Going Strong

Sweaters: Her sweaters remained the right length in arms and although some might not be fitting perfectly, they all fit so well.

Fisher Price Doll House : Not pictured here, but worth noting, the fisher price dollhouse that I had as a child continues to be Zoë’s main source of entertainment. Over fifty percent of her time is playing with it and I need to give my parents a good and healthy nod. It was their money that bought the ENDLESS items for me as a child and it was their decision to store it that has allowed Zoë to have this much time with it. (although my mother knows very well that I don’t want every single toy that she has saved in big rubbermaid containers in her ‘cave of wonders’!!! I am still very thankful that she kept my most special items safe for me over the years so that I can re-share in their joy again.)

Time to Go

Graphic Pants: thankfully, many of her pants from winter were just long enough to still fit paired with long socks. This was a relief but they won’t last longer than this season.

WORK | Batch Work Learning

I have a confession to make….

Up until this year I have 90% of the time written & done my work on this website / blog in real time. Meaning: you were seeing it right after I typed it up, slapped on an image, and pressed ‘publish’.

I think one of the reasons I have done this for so long, is that in the past I have had a specific writing style that I shared online that this thrived with. It was the times I was the ‘least planned’ and the most ‘unedited’ that it received the most impact and appreciation. I thought that in order for me to remain impactful I needed to remain ‘unplanned’.

& to a certain extent this remains true.

I still continue to have the most meaningful written and in person interactions when the words flow without much forethought. I write my speeches that way, my letters and cards that way …etc.

& yet, as life has evolved I need to learn the art of ‘batch work’ to give room for other things in my life.

Thus far I have been able to deduce this means:

Blog Writing

Setting aside half a day monthly to pre write the next months posts.


Interviewing at least 3 people a session rather than one at a time.

This will hopefully provide me with more time to play in my creative writing projects that aren’t seen here…and allow me some much needed breathing room in my personal / professional life.

*this post is vastly inspired by Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast various ‘kicks in the butt’ regarding all things ‘batch work’.

LIFESTYLE | Winter 2019 Capsule Wardrobe
Top Centre - Clockwise :  Pink Scarf   | Suzy Shier  , Reading animal socks   | Indigo / gift from my Aunt,   BlueBella Blue silk pyjamas   | ASOS,   Bedazzled Black Mittens   | Bootlegger,   Headband  | gift from my mom,  NARS duo orgasm blush   | Sephora,   black & gold tank   | Reitmans,   Peppermint Candle   | Gift from a close friend - Saje,   White knit Sweater   | Suzy Shier  , Black skirt   | H&M,   Black pants (bottom right corner)   | RW&Co,   Pleather pants   | Zara,   Blue jeans   | the Gap,   rose gold watch   | Fossil,   Pink Sweater   | Aerie,   Outlander by Diana Gabaldon   | Chapters,   Black Basic long sleeve   | H&M,   Glasses, Grey Joggers   | Roots,   Yoga Pants   | Aerie,   Cabin Socks   | Roots,   Red Flannel shirt  | Winners,  Wool Winter Jacket   | RW&co

Top Centre - Clockwise : Pink Scarf | Suzy Shier, Reading animal socks | Indigo / gift from my Aunt, BlueBella Blue silk pyjamas | ASOS, Bedazzled Black Mittens | Bootlegger, Headband | gift from my mom, NARS duo orgasm blush | Sephora, black & gold tank | Reitmans, Peppermint Candle | Gift from a close friend - Saje, White knit Sweater | Suzy Shier, Black skirt | H&M, Black pants (bottom right corner) | RW&Co, Pleather pants | Zara, Blue jeans | the Gap, rose gold watch | Fossil, Pink Sweater | Aerie, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon | Chapters, Black Basic long sleeve | H&M, Glasses, Grey Joggers | Roots, Yoga Pants | Aerie, Cabin Socks | Roots, Red Flannel shirt | Winners, Wool Winter Jacket | RW&co

This winter started out mild & became cold quickly! This made my additions to the Winter capsule focused on warmth over other pieces I may have been looking at.

New to Me

Bluebella Silk Pyjamas was a late autumn purchase that took forever to arrive due to the Canada post mail service interruption. Thankfully they still arrived & they were 100% worth the wait. I am not a fan of many ‘silk prints’ & finding a classic look in the city was difficult. ASOS is a great place to check for what you can’t find in your own city.

White Knit Sweater was a fun purchase from my mom to me. I was griping about my lack of sweaters and although she knew I was looking for something of a high quality, she thought this one might tide me over until I can make my mind up. & it has done the trick. Although already pilling a great deal it has given me a winter level up & received compliments where ever it goes.

Wool Winter Jacket was a combination of my own money and gift money from Christmas. I was given a lovely tank top that was a size too small (busts are a thing ya’ll) and upon return I realized that although we had gift cards to this store that would allow me to find other various tops and then some, the smartest and most valuable purchase would be to FINALLY get a proper winter coat. This coat is EXCELLENT at keeping one warm and although it won’t be one that I romp in the snow in, it is one that I can wear any other time and feel stylish while also staying ‘oh-so-toasty’.

Black Yoga Pants from Aerie are a lesson learned. Last year I bought a pair from them that had meshing along with some ‘hole’ patterns. It was my mistake to buy a design I knew full well may not stand up to my daily use. This pair of pants from Aerie has meshing and some stylized lines but do not have any places where wear and tear should show. Yoga pants being something I wear at least once a day , are a purchase not to be taken lightly!

Black Bedazzled Mittens from Bootlegger that my mom gave me for Christmas are the WARMEST mittens I have had in a LONG LONG time!

Still Going Strong

Roots joggers bought late Summer have continue to be a high enjoyment during a snow day or just any day that I am preferring cozy comfort wear.

Eye glasses I ‘had to’ purchase almost two years ago are still doing their job. Although I am due for a check-up…. my biggest decision is should I buy a new pair or forgo a new pair for an actual pair of prescription sun glasses?

Time to Go

The red flannel shirt pictured hear has MANY rips on the sleeves. Being a purchase from winners it continues to prove to me that shirts from winners don’t hold up as well as one would hope unless they are of a silk variety. I will not be getting rid of it per say, but I will be looking for a replacement next autumn.

The zipper on the Zara pleather pants is becoming a problem. It’s not the pants that should go, but the zipper itself should be looked at and possibly replaced.

Utterly ecstatic to pull out the warmer weather clothes and remind myself of what outfits are in store for me again!

WORK | Volunteering for WIFT-AT "Tidings"

Over the past half year I have taken on a few assignments from Women In Film & Television Atlantics Newsletter “Tidings”.

Here are two in particular

Pamela Segger

Kimberlee McTaggart

What I am Learning

These assignments have given me the opportunity to continue in my growth and skills of interviewing & curating content. It is one thing to do it safely on my own blog and another thing to push myself to create interviews to be on film and in another local publications.

WIFT-AT has been an organization that has welcomed me in my own right and allowed me a safe place to learn, grow and explore.

LIFESTYLE | February 2019 Reads

I Found You | Lisa Jewel

This novel, although it didn’t wow me, was an enjoyable rapid read. This would be the perfect book for a summer read, be it at the beach, on a road trip or just on one of those summer rainy days. It’s story arc keeps you flipping the pages guessing and it does twist and turn in a way that isn’t fully predictable.

The Gifts of Imperfection | Brené Brown

This book and it’s content has been one that our little family has found some solace in over the past few seasons. Brené has a way with words that marry’s logic with the emotions. Her words pack a good punch in truth and empowerment.

A Woman of No Importance | Oscar Wilde

Not the first time I borrowed this collection of plays from the library but this time for this particular play which speaks to the lack of respect for and about women & their own unique autonomy.  Oscar Wilde always brings to light deep matters in a light hearted way.  Tongue in cheek style. .

Televisions Series Currently on the Go of Note:

Grace & Frankie S04 - plodding along & enjoying the quippy humour that brings out the realities of ageism & being an older woman.

Bull S03 - I believe this show is vastly underrated. It’s ability to deal with a case and a story line in one episode while also creating characters you want to come back to every week is a very unique & beautiful thing.

SPOTLIGHT | Sharelene Loveless

Sharlene Loveless

Owner & Founder of The gloBarre
Entrepreneur & Musician

Sharlene can currently be found at her new business The gloBarre, connecting her clients with the latest methods of anti-aging technology and fitness that match their unique personal needs.
She is passionate about serving and empowering others towards their best potential.
She also happens to have a quick and easy laugh that fills a room

More Sharlene



*note from Amy:
I met Sharlene over a decade ago. Her words of confidence spoke volumes into my life. She has a candid way of saying things how they are while also processing her life out loud, allowing others to join with her on a deeper level.

LIFESTYLE | Valentines Day 2019

Over the years Jeremy & I have enjoyed giving these boards as wedding presents. Watershed Wood Designs is a local business that creates beautiful pieces with laser etching.

Every time we buy a board for a married-couple-to-be we are more than a bit envious, which led us to use this valentines as the excuse to buy one for ourselves!

*insert #happyasclams <—- need I say more?

For us, living on the coast (Bedford Basin) & calling our little home “Little Shore Loft”, this sailboat design was all too fitting.

Here is how we used our board for the first time:

Various cheeses we found at  Petes Frootique  in Bedford, along with a few truffles from  Newfoundland Chocolate

Various cheeses we found at Petes Frootique in Bedford, along with a few truffles from Newfoundland Chocolate

the sailboat etching is our personal fav….

the sailboat etching is our personal fav….

WORK | Headshots 2019
Headshot taken by Claire Fraser

Headshot taken by Claire Fraser

Starting Brilliansea with Claire Fraser called for an updated headshot for the both of us & for continuity for our projects.

It’s Symbolism

This headshot marks the start of a new phase in my work. Bringing continuity and a more curated streamline vision for the projects that I work on and do.

Honouring My Motherhood

Motherhood has given me a lot of time to be hands-full with something other than ‘the grind’. I have been separated from the professional field & with that has also given me perspective. Realizing what is worth the work and growth verses what is going to drain and take a toll from being the mother I feel called to be.

Ready to Serve

Over the past decade I have learned that I am at my most joy-filled when what I am creating serves others. This awareness has given me permission to hone in on the projects that serve others and bring others higher. This is my passion and my joy. No matter what I am doing, that it serves others in their journey.


On the Ice

I have a special spot in my life and heart for skating / figure skating. I found my passion for it during a rough time in my teen years. Learning how to skate along with the basics of figure skating not only introduced me to what it means to experience an athletic perspective in mind and body, but also what it means to move through emotional pain.

I could have easily accepted the darkness in my life back then. It seemed as if everything was falling around me. Everything I knew and loved was separating from me. Pulling apart with no warning and a finality that scared me. I am amazed that it wasn’t to drugs or other forms of unhealthy coping that I retreated to.

I can only believe that I was heavenly protected during that season of my life. That my drive to thrive was stronger than my drive to crumble. & that the ice rink across from my high school was a bit of a heavenly gift of freedom.

Looking back, I believe it was through figure skating that I learned I could be graceful, healthy, overcome my fears, push myself farther than what I thought possible & find joy amidst turmoil.

Why We Skate

Introducing my daughter to my love for the ice, isn’t about wanting her to be a young figure skater, but about sharing with her the place that helped heal me. Stepping onto an empty rink at 10:00am during my free period from high school, being allowed to slip in my own burned CD on the speakers and practicing again and again different basic skills brought me to a place of freedom and trust.

For my daughter, it may be something different. She may find her places of healing elsewhere, but I want her to know, that for me, it was the ice where I found it & if we open our eyes to the little ideas of dreams and whims held within, we will find those sacred places of healing in the places we least expect it.