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LIFESTYLE | Valentines Day 2019

Over the years Jeremy & I have enjoyed giving these boards as wedding presents. Watershed Wood Designs is a local business that creates beautiful pieces with laser etching.

Every time we buy a board for a married-couple-to-be we are more than a bit envious, which led us to use this valentines as the excuse to buy one for ourselves!

*insert #happyasclams <—- need I say more?

For us, living on the coast (Bedford Basin) & calling our little home “Little Shore Loft”, this sailboat design was all too fitting.

Here is how we used our board for the first time:

Various cheeses we found at  Petes Frootique  in Bedford, along with a few truffles from  Newfoundland Chocolate

Various cheeses we found at Petes Frootique in Bedford, along with a few truffles from Newfoundland Chocolate

the sailboat etching is our personal fav….

the sailboat etching is our personal fav….


On the Ice

I have a special spot in my life and heart for skating / figure skating. I found my passion for it during a rough time in my teen years. Learning how to skate along with the basics of figure skating not only introduced me to what it means to experience an athletic perspective in mind and body, but also what it means to move through emotional pain.

I could have easily accepted the darkness in my life back then. It seemed as if everything was falling around me. Everything I knew and loved was separating from me. Pulling apart with no warning and a finality that scared me. I am amazed that it wasn’t to drugs or other forms of unhealthy coping that I retreated to.

I can only believe that I was heavenly protected during that season of my life. That my drive to thrive was stronger than my drive to crumble. & that the ice rink across from my high school was a bit of a heavenly gift of freedom.

Looking back, I believe it was through figure skating that I learned I could be graceful, healthy, overcome my fears, push myself farther than what I thought possible & find joy amidst turmoil.

Why We Skate

Introducing my daughter to my love for the ice, isn’t about wanting her to be a young figure skater, but about sharing with her the place that helped heal me. Stepping onto an empty rink at 10:00am during my free period from high school, being allowed to slip in my own burned CD on the speakers and practicing again and again different basic skills brought me to a place of freedom and trust.

For my daughter, it may be something different. She may find her places of healing elsewhere, but I want her to know, that for me, it was the ice where I found it & if we open our eyes to the little ideas of dreams and whims held within, we will find those sacred places of healing in the places we least expect it.

LIFESTYLE | His Thirtieth
Family birthday party deco

Family birthday party deco

In the run of the days, months, seasons and years of being together… treating Jeremy isn’t always easy. He’s easy going, not one for attention and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Turning thirty, to me, seems to warrant more than just a gift and a card.

How much he has changed

We often joke how much we have changed since we were those 16-18 year olds flirting with each other. Jeremy was very reserved and shy when we first met. He’d flirt, as only a 16 year old can do, but he would often shut down in crowds and become closed off. I never understood this as I would find him fully engaging and wonderful one on one. Often my own version of rough housing and ‘romping’ around with someone I love wouldn’t translate with him and he would struggle to fully laugh and find the humour in just being silly for silly sake.

& this is the amazing thing about growing together and encouraging each other to grow into more.

I am proud of Him

This man laughs quicker now. My romping and silly word play is now met with one up man ship and although he is still the more reserved out of the both of us, it is now out of a quiet confidence. (& ya’ll, there’s nothing more sexy than quiet confidence…)

He plays with our daughter and entertains her whims while also training her up to be thoughtful and encourages her voice.

16 year old Jeremy may have just wanted to flirt with a girl over msn and share a smoothie, but 30 year old Jeremy has taught me that life is not stagnate. It’s possible to become over and over again and how important it is to listen to each other and dig deeper to find out how to better grow in our own unique and glorious ways.

Burgers &amp; Beers &amp; Darrells - Halifax, NS

Burgers & Beers & Darrells - Halifax, NS

At the Timberlounge - Halifax NS

At the Timberlounge - Halifax NS

LIFESTYLE | January 2019 Reads

Bird by Bird | Anne Lamott

A book on writing and life that I have begun and will be savouring during this winter. Anne has a lyrical way of putting life and writing in the least amount of words that I find refreshing and a healthy dose of grounded spirituality.

The Hound of Baskervilles | Arthur Conan Doyle

A winter read that Jeremy and I will be reading aloud, our cold (which affected our voices) had to put this on hold for three weeks, but we are just about ready to get back to it! Reading Sherlock aloud is so enjoyable as the written format of the books is paced so like the character himself. Quite the challenge!

Outlander | Diana Gabaldon

Being one who loves television series as much as I love reading, it only made sense that before watching the episodes of Outlander, that I would begin to read it. This book has COMPLETELY taken over my life. A testament to her writing style and ability to take the highland history of Scotland and weave a tale of intrigue, history and suspense. I think it’s safe to say that this is a stand out novel and I will be following the series form her on out!

Television Series currently on the go of note:

  • Outlander S01 , slowly watching as I read.

  • Parenthood S06 - my rewatching of this amazing series is coming to a close with only a handful of episodes and tears left.

  • This is Us - Currently following the season being aired. Always amazed at the layers of life they pull out.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2018 Capsule Pre-Schooler Wardrobe
From top Centre - Clockwise  : My Shapes Sticker Book  | Gift from Great Auntie Linda,  FAMILIA Sweater   | Zara,   Doctor Costume  | Second hand on kijiji ,  Nature Pyjamas   | Old Navy,   Pink Zipper Jacket   | Zara,   Off white Pants   | Zara,   Flower waffle Shirt   | Old Navy,   Grey Cat Shirt   | Childrens Place,   Jeans   | Zara,   Black Sweater  | Gift from Auntie Jasmine while in Korea (still going strong)  , Pink Waffle Shirt   | Old Navy,   Kitty Sweater  | Gift from Uncle Tyler &amp; Auntie Jasmine ,  Winter Boots   | Joe Fresh,   Hair Bows   | Carters,   Dress Up Doll  | Gift from Grandma  , Kelidascope  | Gift from Grandma.

From top Centre - Clockwise : My Shapes Sticker Book | Gift from Great Auntie Linda, FAMILIA Sweater | Zara, Doctor Costume | Second hand on kijiji , Nature Pyjamas | Old Navy, Pink Zipper Jacket | Zara, Off white Pants | Zara, Flower waffle Shirt | Old Navy, Grey Cat Shirt | Childrens Place, Jeans | Zara, Black Sweater | Gift from Auntie Jasmine while in Korea (still going strong) , Pink Waffle Shirt | Old Navy, Kitty Sweater | Gift from Uncle Tyler & Auntie Jasmine , Winter Boots | Joe Fresh, Hair Bows | Carters, Dress Up Doll | Gift from Grandma , Kelidascope | Gift from Grandma.

New to Her

The My Shapes Sticker book arrived in the mail late Autumn from my Aunt who is now living part of the year in British Columbia and the other part of the year here, in Nova Scotia. While settling in over the summer she learned of Zoë’s affinity to stickers and mailed her one after she traveled back to B.C.. This was carted around the house for weeks.

The waffle long sleeve shirts were great additions to the wardrobe and a relatively cheap purchase from Old Navy. Her long arms are finally properly covered.

The Zara pants were a necessity. Not only does Zoë have long legs but she is petit in nature which means most pants in her length fall right off her. Zara thoughtfully has waist adjustments in their pants which is perfect for us.

The hunt for proper winter boots were on and thankfully a family member nudged me to go looking for them as an early Christmas gift. Joe Fresh has the best quality boots for a lesser price. So glad they had a pair that worked for Zoë.

Still Going Strong

The Carter hair bows have been used on Zoë since she was a baby. It is hilarious to think they still fit her, but she did have a very round head for a baby & quite big for her size. These hair band bows were easily stretchable and have grown with her. There is nothing better than seeing her walk down the stairs with one she has put on in a way that looks a bit edgy as spots and then chases our cat into a love cuddle.

That black sweater from Korea took forever to fit baby Zoë but now that she’s older we’ve got at least one more winter season for it to fit her.

The Dress up Melissa & Doug Doll was a favourite this Autumn. Not new to her, but a toy we generally keep up on a shelf and bring down when asked. She asked daily this last season it seemed.

Time to Go

It’s hard to remember what needed to go as it has been a month since I have transitioned our wardrobes but those cute little woodland pyjamas were grown straight through over the course of her having them. A toe poked out one morning along with a ripped pant leg, and that was that.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2018 Capsule Wardrobe
From top Center - Clockwise:  Pleather Black Jacket   | Suzy Shier,   Apple Bourbin Candle   | Foxhound Collection,   Open Black Blazer   | H&amp;M,   Silk tank with gold Zipper   | Bootlegger,   Nivea Hand Cream  | Gift,  INSPIRE t-Shire   | RW&amp;co,   Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum   | First Aid Beauty,   Pleather Pants   | Zara  , Blue tank top  | Second Hand,  Brown leather KEDS   | Soft Moc,   Black Heels   | Call it Spring   , 2 tone Scarf / wrap   | Indigo,   Graphic T   | Threadless ‘12,   Girlfriend jeans   | The Gap,   Dark Jeans   | The Gap,   Green Pants   | RW&amp;co,   Focus Body cream   | Bath &amp; Body Works,   Green Sweater   | Bootlegger,   Mini Moet  | Maid of Honour gift.

From top Center - Clockwise: Pleather Black Jacket | Suzy Shier, Apple Bourbin Candle | Foxhound Collection, Open Black Blazer | H&M, Silk tank with gold Zipper | Bootlegger, Nivea Hand Cream | Gift, INSPIRE t-Shire | RW&co, Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum | First Aid Beauty, Pleather Pants | Zara, Blue tank top | Second Hand, Brown leather KEDS | Soft Moc, Black Heels | Call it Spring , 2 tone Scarf / wrap | Indigo, Graphic T | Threadless ‘12, Girlfriend jeans | The Gap, Dark Jeans | The Gap, Green Pants | RW&co, Focus Body cream | Bath & Body Works, Green Sweater | Bootlegger, Mini Moet | Maid of Honour gift.

This Autumn I was able to focus on adding the pieces that would continue to carry me through my professional life.

New To Me:

The black blazer from H&M was more than I wanted to spend, but when I considered how long I would have it and why I was hunting for a blazer it seemed like the right choice. I enjoy the lack of button on it as well as the already sinched up sleeves.

INSPIRE T Shirt from RW&Co was a find that matches my visions, goals and personality. Solidarity is key in my life and I truly believe in the concept of togetherness over solo life.

Two Tone Scarf from Indigo was the first purchase of the season & the most worn. It’s versatility was everything I have wanted. (I secretly have envied a producer in the maritimes for her scarf / wrap she wears & was inspired to hunt one down that was closer to my price range)

Still Going Strong:

The black Pleather Jacket from Suzy Shier bought last spring was in full use this season & I have to say it’s an absolute favourite. It has that edgy feel accompanied with a feminine appeal. I adore Feminine & Edgy combos.

The Graphic T from Threadless has a quality of continuity to it. It could be the Inkwell concept that speaks to me as a writer, but as the years have gone by it continues to have a renewed life in my wardrobe.

The Brown Leather KEDS are my absolute favourite KEDS I have ever owned. (The blue nautical ones coming in at #2) These have such a great structure to them & I hope to be able to wear them over many seasons…although I am known for wearing my favourite KEDS out to the ground.

Time to Go:

The reality of the timing of this post, is that I don’t actually remember which items I donated / purged over Autumn. I will be more mindful to document this part of my capsule wardrobe experience.

Looking forward to next Autumn to see how this capsule morphs again!

Lifestyle | Autumn 2018 Favourites

Autumn literally flew by.

Here are a few of my favs from the season:


These pens are perfection for my bullet journaling. Goodbye mediocre highlighters & random coloured pens. Midliners are where it’s at!
I found these at Michaels.


Bought this purse in New York City in 2014 when my then brown purse fell apart. & it’s just now that it itself is falling apart. My beloved favourite. I adore a purse in this tone & style. 4 years is a good life when you are one of 2 purses on rotation.


I wanted a better seasonal tone. This one felt just right.


You’ve heard it many times. This Series is everything. Currently it’s on Amazon Prime Video.


I enjoy having a cream in my bathroom. Here is the updated purchase.


Finally completed my 2018 goal of curating our family photos into a nice album. Highlighting the ups and downs since becoming a family of 3. This album I found at DeSerres downtown Halifax.


As soon as November hits, I start Christmas baking and this is the one staple my mom passed down to me I will never go without. These Chocolate peanut Butter balls pass every test. They are essential.


Gifted to me in the Maid of Honour gift package from my cousin/sister-in-law from her wedding. This cream blew me away. I adore it & am savouring it.


Purchased at the top of the season, this scarf can be a wrap, a decorative additive to an outfit or a literal item to keep one warm. It’s so multi-faceted. I am so glad I bought it.

LIFESTYLE | Wrapping up 2018

Let nothing hinder you.
Let everything propel you.
Let the trials deepen you.
Let the accomplishments inspire you.
Let the passion empower you.
Let the uncertainty intrigue you.


Has awakened me & has allowed me to see deeper into elements I would not have seen.

There has been disappointments and heartache in projects.
Misuse of power and behaviour in settings of learning.
Boundary lines crossed.
Periods of anxiety, fear and confusion.
Unsettling moments of communication.
Emotional roller coaster rides in parenting.


There has been confirmation in passions.
Connections reaffirmed.
Opportunities provided.
Memories made.
Time with good friends and family treasured.
Professional growth.
Freelance opportunities.
Collaborations developed.
Friends returned.
Celebrations had.


Through all of these very real and true experiences, there is a thankfulness for it all. For the one who leaked their insecurities, which provided me the courage to use my voice and not back down. For the collaborator who has passions uniquely her own that can confidently express her directions and how they coincide with mine. For the boundary lines crossed that reminded me that the lines drawn are founded. For the friends returned whom reminded us what it means to have depth in relationship.

For all these experiences has brought me here, to right now & continues to carve me out, to be the person I need to be. & while I take a break and reflect on where to go from here, I am truly thankful for it all because I know, it is within that thankfulness that I will find a deeper sense of peace and healing, so I can continue to become who I am called to be.

LIFESTYLE | Preparing for Christmas

This week & weekend marks the beginning of our Christmas Preparation.

A combination of wanting to be decorated for hosting, knowing that the next bit of time will fly by and realizing that as Advent approaches we want to get our ‘busy’ activities behind us so that we can truly take in the process of Christmas.

This year I was able to find an Advent candle which we have never had before.

Knowing that we will be daily burning this candle, is an exciting and also mindful choice.

While the candle burns:

I will be mindfully taking in the day.

I will be reflecting on what the advent week is : Hope, Faith, Joy, & Peace

I will be considering what parts of my year, life and baggage need to be set down for the coming ‘year’.

As we ready for Christmas,

a time of year we spend with others, consciously give and take in the treats of the season may we also mindfully consider how our hearts can be made new and seek ways in which to find that stillness no matter what time of year it may be.

LIFESTYLE | On Parenthood

This Autumn I decided to start re-watching Parenthood.

We’ve loved this show for many reasons. Its characters show realistic family dynamics with deep, raw and real connections while also allowing each character room to grow, fail and struggle through life. Its value system is varied with each family and yet follows the wholistic vision of what it means to try to have a well intentioned, honouring family dynamic. It shows diversity in thought and individuality while also showing how we share our families traits, inconsistencies and that our hurts don’t just stop at one person, they follow through into each generation.

The ‘Little Bedford Family’ is certainly not ‘The Bravermans’, but the authenticity we want to create in our home and with the family and friends we have around us is a very real and present value in our hearts and minds.

The values this show has & reminded us of, again and again:

Stay Relational

Human beings are relational at our core. We crave to be seen as we are and often that means a lot of misfiring and mishaps as we go about it with our already self-perceived aches and pains in life. Being individuals, we all experience life a bit differently but we are all intertwined in various ways. Staying current in each others lives, expressing in our most outward form in effort to connect and finding each other amidst the busyness is an important quality. (for us, as a married couple, this means daily connecting after 10pm in conversation about the day, our latest thoughts, concerns and sharing in one of the television series that we are following.)

Stay Self-Aware

Knowing our limitations and boundaries with ourselves and with each other are effective tools in life and in family. Knowing what those are is not a way to stay divided, but to find ways in which to stay healthily connected.

Stay Lighthearted

Life is already heavy enough. Enjoying each others company and finding the joy and humour in the little things has a way of making memories and having something to laugh at when things are rough. (My cousin Kylie is a great example of this. We live provinces apart and still she is CONSTANTLY bringing up (via text or phone call) our childhood ridiculousness or even old or recent laughs at random. & there is nothing better than a good laugh during a rough day.)

Stay Gracious

When we cannot for the life of us understand the other, to do our best to pass grace in a way that honours ourself and the other person. We are not supposed to understand each other fully because how would we be able to practice ‘grace’ if it was that easy? And passing Grace doesn’t mean ignoring hurt or allowing toxicity, but it does mean allowing a gap for those things to exist as you recognize that there is much that you need to be given Grace for and much we need to give grace in return.

LIFESTYLE | Cardio Bursts

Movement is medicine and a privilege.

Awareness of how movement affects me began while I was learning to figure skate as a teen. I found joy, creativity and atheltisim in that form of movement. Something I didn’t think was ever going to be for me.


I began to understand gradually why athletes had to have an excellency and persistence in what they did. I was tasting it, and I LOVED IT.

A slow discovery of various forms of movement began. From figure skating, to yoga, to swing dance, to blues dance, and also to my daily cardio bursts.

Being a writer…

doesn’t allow for much movement. Although, I am finding that working 10 minute cardio bursts throughout my work day or any day I am less motivated is a way I can keep fresh, awake and determined.

And a Woman…

It wasn’t long ago I heard the very true statistic that in Canada, the number one killer of women over the age of 55 is heart disease. It made me realize that although I need to maintain health and wellness for my overall care, that I also need to remember that my heart is also a muscle, that it needs to be worked in order to be strong.

Fitting in 10 minutes of cardio in between or during transitions in my day has given me a renewed sense of awareness of how much movement my body needs. (we are all different.)

Movement Routine:

Mon, Wed, Fri : Morning Yoga, additional walking / cardio bursts

Tues, Thurs : Morning Cardio, additional walking / cardio bursts

Sat / Sun : Nature walk or dancing, additional cardio bursts if needed

*additonal movement is there when it needs to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to maintain a certain number of either minutes, weight or calories. This is about knowing that I am giving myself what I need & staying in tune with my body. The more you check in with yourself physically, the more you begin to notice that your brain fog may just be the need for fresh air, or sore back may be needing a good stretch a.k.a yoga, etc. Stay mindful, rooted and thankful.

LIFESTYLE | Clear the 'Table'
Along the Bedford Basin

Along the Bedford Basin

This is the time of year we are often swept into what is often called ‘the holidays’ but so often referred to as the ‘rush’ to get it all done.

This year, as with last year, I am making a more consistent effort to not get caught up in the ‘expectations’ of this time of year, but mindfully and thoughtfully consider how to approach the holidays, work, new year preparations and personal life.

This means, weekly making the time to ‘clear the table’ so to speak to make sure priorities are in order.

Being the list maker that I am, that’s my first step

To Consider:

  • Events

  • Traditions

  • Relationships, both friends and family.

  • Personal appointments

  • Professional deadlines

  • End of the year goals / deadlines

  • Preparations for the winter season (Winter tires, yard / house maintenance, etc)

  • Pressing issues / stresses

  • Hobbies / extra curricular

Then one must thoughtfully articulate how each of these elements prioritize themselves.

Both personal and professional life has it’s weight and it can be a tricky balance.


Circle the elements that are the biggest stressors / most pressing.

After circling, then:

Star the elements that bring you joy and are excited about.


Review those circled and cross out at least one element that truly isn’t as pressing or important as you make it out to be.


Make a list of both the circled and star’d elements that you know you need to do. The rest go at the end.

Each week find ways in which to address them and remind yourself of the reasons you prioritize them. If the reason doesn’t stand up well, let it go.

I repeat:

Let it go.

don’t make me sing that song….

LIFESTYLE | 2019 Bullet Journal Prep

Bullet Journaling has changed my life drastically.

Pre-parenthood I would buy any day planner and fill in where necessary.

Then as technology progressed, I went to using my phone with a day planner in tandem. Events / meetings etc went in my phone while specific tasks went in the day planner.

Post-parenthood I was at a loss.

How do I do this? Nothing is predictable and yet the tasks are piling up and somehow, for my own personality and sanity, I needed to find a new way to keep track of it all.

It was finding Bullet Journaling that really put life planning and preparations in perspective.

Although it’s a necessary chore that can feel hard to overcome while balancing motherhood, work, aspirations, busy family, friends and personal needs, it can also be a place and time where I map out every ‘right yes’. Bullet Journaling has helped me to see my personal and professional choices laid out in a manner that excites me, and brings me into a place of alignment with my values and my choices.

Here is how I am designing 2019’s Bullet journal so far:

Starting with an overview of the year like this….

Starting with an overview of the year like this….

Milestone events will be highlighted…

Milestone events will be highlighted…

A wellness wheel which will allow me to identify what I need to work on and add / take away from my life.

A wellness wheel which will allow me to identify what I need to work on and add / take away from my life.

A seasonal ‘bucket list’ of sorts with a way to track what wardrobe additions will be needed for the season.

A seasonal ‘bucket list’ of sorts with a way to track what wardrobe additions will be needed for the season.

As much as I wanted to try a new monthly layout, I couldn’t seem to shake this one. It’s very direct and specific in it’s visual.

As much as I wanted to try a new monthly layout, I couldn’t seem to shake this one. It’s very direct and specific in it’s visual.

A new way to track the daily.’s I haven’t done it vertical before so this will be new for me. I also am going to change the word from “Today” to “Dailys” where underneath I will have the daily routine. i.e. Tuesday might look like: - Cardio, - Clean Kitchen, - Hair Rinse.

A new way to track the daily.’s I haven’t done it vertical before so this will be new for me. I also am going to change the word from “Today” to “Dailys” where underneath I will have the daily routine. i.e. Tuesday might look like: - Cardio, - Clean Kitchen, - Hair Rinse.


This past week it rained everyday.

I love rain. For me, it’s a little permission slip to pause, watch it fall and reflect.

Not much in life can make me do that to be honest.

I am a reflective person in nature, sure, but I am one in constant motion. A lazy day for me consists of sitting or indulging in something frivolous for over an hour.

Anything past an hour and I get annoyed and ready to move to the next thing.

Being still and reflective for me, is a practice. My mind whirs and isn’t very willing to not be processing the next task, project, event etc.

There is something very true that happens in reflection.

A sense of understanding and clarity we don’t often find in the busy.


For what we do not yet or may not ever understand


For what we have needed the space to see. It is hard to truly comprehend something when you are nose to nose with it. Having space, allows one to take in it’s entirety.


LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2018

Sweater weather is here!!

We got to the beach so many times this summer and it’s only enforced our full enjoyment of getting out and enjoying the best of what each season has to offer.

Autumn Goals:

Crisp Walks


As the weather get’s colder and rains more in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s easy to want to stay inside, but that is a total cop out. There are still plenty of sunny and or overcast days that can be enjoyed. Getting out for those crisp Autumnal walks are a must. Hot coffee or hot chocolate for the walk didn't hurt anyone either.


Autumn is the season where our city’s Swing Dance Society starts back up in ‘full swing’. As much as we can, we are going to try to attend events and get some of those beautiful dance opportunities in.


Summer is not the end of S’mores. There are still plenty of nights where S’more dip or Traditional S’mores can be had.

Flannels / Blankets

Switch to flannels and pull out the cozies. We are in full blown cuddle mode over here.


Getting a few autumn scented candles and some plain ones are a great way to make Hygge happen in the home.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2018

Top Centre - Clockwise: Blue tank top | Frenchies, Blue / White striped Dress | Banana Republic, China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan | Indigo, Blue T-Shirt Dress | The Gap, Blue dress | Second Hand from Jasmine Alexander, ‘Faux’ Lipstick | Mac, ‘There in Heartbeat Necklace’ | Bryan Anthonys from Jasmine Alexander, Blue Tank top | , Folded up Black romper | The Gap, Sleep Aromatherapy Body Cream | Bath and Body Works, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop | Bench, White and Yellow Striped Scarf | Indigo, Starfish Keds | Softmoc, Nutragena SPF moisturizer | Shoppers Drug Mart, Joggers | Roots, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser | Sephora, Green Shorts | The Gap, Tribe Engraved bracelet | From the bestie Nicole Payzant, Jean Shorts | H&M, Off White Jersey Summer Dress | H&M, Lagom Book | Indigo, White silk Tank | Bootlegger


Can you tell what colours I like by now?

This summer I finally felt like I had a fully well developed capsule wardrobe to pull out for the summer.

What I Added

Banana Republic Blue Striped Dress : Bought for the purpose of wearing to the Wedding Shower I was hosting as a Maid of Honour, and for any future special summer events that happen in our coastal city / atmosphere.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tank : I wear my two yoga tops on a weekly rotation and one is loosing it’s appeal, I thought adding something motivational and different for my ‘spring/summer’ workouts would be a great boost and also practical way to get me motivated.

Roots Joggers : I looked high and low. It could be that I was looking in the late spring into summer, but even still the joggers I found for women were either too cheap / thin in fabric or had insane detailing that ruined the look. I do not want ‘rips’ pre-made into my joggers thank-you….let’s leave those for the girlfriend / boyfriend jeans! Roots joggers although expensive on the outset, I imagine, will last me many years. They are plush, cozy, durable and make me feel attractive. There are many a rainy day or Sunday early writing morning that I don’t want to be in jeans or yoga pants. These are a great alternative, & admittedly, my husband is glad that I am not stealing his joggers to wear on a damp day!

H&M dress : insanely cheap. This jersey dress cost me about $18 give or take , has pockets and flows perfectly. Being short in stature with ample sized breasts, most dresses that hang without some sort of form to it make me look pregnant, but this one doesn’t! It has just the right shape to indicate my body shape underneath and also just enough flow to feel like I can be out and about with a more relaxed posture.

Bootlegger White silk Tank: I bought this knowing I wanted it for work occasions. Although it is a bit low in the cleavage area I have found that when I wear it, I only have to be aware when I am bending down and in awkward positions. Of course, being a mom, that seems like all the time, but wearing this to events has been a a confidence booster. White in the summer is such a breeze.

What I am thinking of letting go of

The blue dress that Jasmine has in my closet that we have shared through out the years has a slight rip near the top of the back. I am reticent to get rid of it, even though I know it is not fixable (The fabric is sheer there and just not worth my time to fix it, although this specific dress has certainly given Jasmine and I years of wear and memories.)

What isn’t pictured here:

Swim suit, flip flips, runners, workout shorts, pyjamas.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Toddler Capsule Wardrobe 2018

Top Centre - Clockwise: We Are Better Together Book | Gift from Great Aunt Linda & Great Uncle Keith, Rose Gold Pineapple Cat Ear Hat | Carters, Kitty Pyjamas | | Carters, Red / White Striped T-Shirt | Carters, Octupus Charm Bracelet | From Tai Ma in Hong Kong, Pink Dress | H&M, Jean Shorts | Carters, Green Sunglasses | Carters, Colourful Tank top | Carters & Second Hand find from Auntie Nicole, Swimmer T-Shirt | Carters & Second hand find from Auntie Nicole, Sneakers | Zara, Flower Romper | Joe Fresh, Christopher Robin Adventures Poems | 1932 Book given to my paternal Grandmother when she was a child, Chalk | SuperStore, Teddy Bear Sticker Book | Indigo, Beach Cover Up | Carters, Swim Suit | Carters.



I try when buying new items to buy what I believe fits my little’s specific taste and personality. So many swimsuits for toddler/pre school girls are either bikini style or super girly. This was a beautiful middle ground while also offering more sun protection than a toddler bikini.

Red Striped T & Jean Shorts

Believe it or not, these jean shorts are size 18 months and still baggy on her. That’s just the way her body is, long and petite, but I did love how this red striped T was a sweet weekend combo.


Pink Dress

We bought this dress for her child dedication at church in early Spring 2017. This summer it’s become the perfect little linen dress for post beach or on an extremely hot day.


Originally bought last summer, we were thankful to see this romper still fit.


This capsule is very minimal for many reasons. One of them being, as much as we could this summer, we let her go as ‘raw’ as we could. It was so hot that often we skipped pyjamas and let her play around the house in just her underwear.

This was the hottest summer in Nova Scotia ever recorded and I was amazed at how the heat never let up. Sitting at 30/32, sometimes 35 degrees on any given day, with humidity in the air pushing the temp closer to 40 was such a hard adjustment to us east coasters. We love our wind, rain and overcast days more than we realize.

All in all, this season was very minimal with re-using a lot of the lightest weight clothes and we are looking forward to seeing what sweaters, and shirts she still fits from last winter / Autumn wardrobe.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Favourites 2018

Succulent Terrarium

We made a terrarium a couple years back but (SOMEONE ...ahem... not me...) over watered it, so we had to dump it.  This late Spring early Summer we started anew with these beautiful new succulents from The Flower Shop.

Beach Towels

Since 2011 we have been using old Beach Towels of mine and Jeremy's parents.  This year I waited for a sale on these Luxurious oversized towels at Bed Bath and Beyond.  No regrets.

China Rich Girlfriend

#2 in the Crazy Rich Asians Series, this book lives up to it's expectations.  Funny, true and insightful.

Beach Rocks

Collecting beach rocks is a way of anchoring ones soul to the ocean.  Hopefully this year I will get around to painting these.

Starfish Keds

Walking everywhere in these shoes.

Morning Breeze by Juke Ross

Something about this song gets to me.

"Take all your things and take the past with you, Your selfish ways I cant wait to loose. I'm… With the morning Breeze, I was right by your side But your arms released me, now I'm flying high..."


Reading this book during the summer months has been a sort of meditation.  Remember not to take life so seriously and take it one section at a time.

Yellow Striped Scarf

I have had this scarf since 2010 from Indigo, and it continues to inspire me in the summer months.

Aromatherapy Sleep Body Cream

This is an affective cream for calming the senses.

Other favourites:

The Good Place - For the extreme laughs & character development.
Mad Men - Re-watching this series is so much more impactful at age 29 then when we first watched it.  Let's be honest, 10 years ago we watched it for Don Draper (Jon Hamm), now, with new eyes we watch it for Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss)
S'more Dip - For that seasonal snack
Nova 7 Wine -  This one in particular

LIFESTYLE | Bachelorette Time
Heidis.bacherlorette party.byamygrace

With a family wedding up and coming and being the Maid of Honour, it's a privilege to be able to help celebrate the traditional wedding events & have fun while doing it! 

Overview of the evening:

Wine Tasting at Obladee

Was informative as it was enjoyable.  The woman who walked us through the tasting was informed as she was pleasant to listen to.  It was fun to learn more about what rosé wines were available in our province and also a deeper red from out of town.  The Brides favourite was between the 'L'Acadie Vineyards Vintage Cuvée Rosé' and the 'Cherubino Pedestal Cabernet Merlot'.  My favourite, due to the hot summer and my yearning for Autumn, the 'Cherubino Pedestal Cabernet Merlot'.

Dinner at Lot Six

The Bride & I were both ravenous by then for their hamburger and a glass of red.  The combination was amazing.  Highly recommend their atmosphere and menu. 


In-between dinner and dancing we went to a bridesmaids house in located in the city to primp some more before taxying downtown to dance.  (what better way to end the evening than to dance?)

We were planning on going to a newer more retro dance club called 'Vinyl' which plays all the older eighties music and has throwback eighties dance atmosphere, but in the lead up to this event we found out they closed for the duration of the summer.  We opted for the safe bet in The Pacifico.

I have always enjoyed the Pacifico for it's happy & safe atmosphere.  It allows for everyone to have fun while not permitting any rowdiness, which when hosting a bride is exactly what we want.  Safe & fun! 

Let the hair fly!!! 

or, as we found that warm night, put your hair up in a bun & continue dancing....

We tied the night up with late night pizza followed with a brunch the next morning.

It was so exciting to realize as we cheered our mimosas we were getting to the home stretch of celebrating this wedding. 

October is just around the corner!!!!